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If you have a prosthetic or orthotic need, you'll be happy to know that Compass Limb & Brace, LLC is committed to improving your quality of life. Through our effective products, we hope to provide you with the comfort and support you desire.

If you want to experience less pain and be more active, come to us to get back on your feet. Our experienced clinician has a wide variety of skills and nearly 15 years of experience in prosthetic and orthotic patient care. We're here to care for you and help you get on the path to a happier, healthier life.

Schedule a FREE consultation to discuss your prosthetic or orthotic need by calling 801-392-0075.
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Why Compass Limb & Brace, LLC Chose Ogden, Utah.

Our administrative market research team conducted a study that showed the Ogden area was in desperate need of prosthetic and orthotic providers. Local residents needed options for orthotic and prosthetic care, which is why we founded Compass Limb & Brace LLC and opened in late 2015.

Compass Limb & Brace, LLC is the only full-time facility based in Weber County. We're proud to provide services to the Ogden area because we care about our local patients and the community. We're committed to benefiting the community by keeping our jobs and investments local.

As a bilingual facility, we work with patients of all ages and capacities. We offer the best patient care in the Intermountain West because patient care is our #1 priority!
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Thad R. Neilson, CEO, CPO

Thad is the CEO and head clinician at Compass Limb & Brace, LLC. As an ABC-certified prosthetist, orthotist, and pedorthotist (CPO) Thad leads his company in innovation and applying new technologies to improve patient care and the patient experience. After graduating from the O & P program at the University of Washington in 2004, and then finishing his residencies in Spokane and Vancouver, he wanted to expand his knowledge and experience in business operations by earning an MBA. In 2009, he graduated from the University of Dubuque with his MBA while working full-time as a Practice Manager for Hanger Clinic.

After spending several years working for both private and corporate P & O clinics, Thad was motivated to open his own practice. Compass Limb & Brace, LLC was developed as two-part business specializing in custom foot orthotic manufacturing and clinical prosthetic and orthotic care. With the encouragement of medical professionals, family, and friends, the Weber County and Ogden City areas proved to be a great location to open a clinic and central fabrication facility.

In his spare time, Thad continues to find new ways of improving processes not only in the office, but in the world around him. He enjoys innovation and creation. In his spare time, Thad enjoys spending time with his wife, Erika, and his three daughters being outdoors camping, swimming or hiking.
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Erika L. Neilson, President

As president of Compass Limb & Brace, LLC, Erika handles all of the office administration, financial duties and many other roles. She enjoys meeting with physicians and new patients to make sure that her company is meeting the needs of physicians and patients in the healthcare community. A personal goal of hers is to make sure that each patient that is seen in her office gets the answers they need and the highest quality care available.

In her spare time Erika enjoys running, reading and spending time with her family. She is happy to be a part of the Weber and Davis communities and is a member of the local Chamber Women-in-Business and Ogden-Weber Chamber of Commerce.
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