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Custom Foot Orthotic Lab

At Compass Limb & Brace, LLC we are the only P & O facility with an on-site custom foot orthotic lab. We specialize in making custom foot orthotics, on-site. Our customers include podiatrists and orthotists from around the nation. Our custom foot orthotics are made of the highest quality of materials to best fit the needs of each patient. These materials include neoprene with a nylon top cover, poron, microcel puff and Flex Foam® materials.

Our standard fabrication turnaround time is approximately 10 business days. We offer free impression foam boxes and shipping! Just contact our office if you need additional impression foam or shipping labels and we will have them shipped to you right away.
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Call 801-392-0075.

Order Custom Foot Orthotics

Compass Limb & Brace, LLC specializes in custom foot orthotics. Using a state-of-the-art fabrication facility, we modify and form all foot orthotics. Our on-site orthotist oversees every order that enters the lab to verify each order is completed properly. Our orthotist will contact the physician if there are any questions on how to fulfill the order to make sure the proper modifications are made when fabricating each device.

Various materials are used in our custom foot orthotics to ensure the best results:
  • Base materials: polypropylene, EVA, cork, flex foam®, and graphite
  • Mid-layer materials: neoprene with a nylon top cover, Poron, and Microcel Puff
  • Top cover materials: nylon, Microcel Puff, vinyl, and microfiber suede

Other Central Fabrication Services

At Compass Limb & Brace we also offer central fabrication services for podiatrists seeking custom AFOs. We have a slim-fitting AFO that fits right in to the patient's shoe without the bulkiness that can come from off-the-shelf orthotics and other standard AFOs. We also offer central fabrication for many other AFO types including leaf-spring AFOs and Charcot Boots.

Physicians can create a cast of the patient's limb and send it to us. We accept fiberglass and plaster casts. Be sure to cast at least to mid-calf for a more exact fit and indicate pressure locations by marking the cast.

Available types of AFO’s:
  • UCBL
  • SMO
  • Solid-Ankle AFO
  • PLS
  • Articulating AFO with or without Stop
  • Low-profile Articulated AFO 
Use the Custom AFO Order Form below:
Custom Ankle-Foot Orthotic form
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